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Custom Jingles In Spanish... Exclusive Audio Logos

We create CUSTOM JINGLES and EXCLUSIVE AUDIO LOGOS IN SPANISH tailored to the needs of each client. Every jingle, every Audio Logo we produce is one-of-a-kind, exclusive and can be used on any media, in any market, forever and... royalty free!

"Audio Logo", what's that?

An Audio Logo is a 5 to 7 seconds, cost-effective "mini jingle" equivalente in sound to the image logos used on visual advertising. The importance of having an Audio Logo is shown by the growing number of companies that successfully identify their brands with these distinctly musical signatures. You probably heard "We are Farmers, pom poróm pom pom pom pom", or "Liberty, Liberty", "Mayfair", "My Pillow", "ACE Hardware", "River Rock Casino", etc.
Did you check some of the AUDIO LOGOS we produced? They do work!


* AUDIO LOGO, exclusive, one of a kind,
* CUSTOM JINGLE in Spanish :60, :30, :15 and :10 second full vocal versions,
* DONUT VERSIONS, several, for Voice Over,
* TELEPHONE and/or ADDRESS sung,
* INSTRUMENTAL version, several lengths,
* FREE SINGING PROMO for any one event of your choice
(Xmas, New Year, Mother´s Day, Valentine´s, etc.)
The complete package is for use on any media, in any market, exclusively, for ever and... royalty free!

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The Latin sound that reaches your potential client.


The members of our award winning creative staff are Hispanic and they know better than anybody what music style and what Spanish lyrics are the best to reach your potential client.
They keep up to date with the current Latin music styles preferred by Hispanic audiences.

Custom Jingles vs. Generic

writing music

Some companies can license you a generic jingle, with the same music used by other businesses in other markets and lyrics adapted for you in your area. But radio stations can be heard all over the world through the Internet. Let's say that you are a dentist in San Francisco. How would you like "your" jingle to be heard with lyrics adapted for a fast food restaurant in San Jose, or for another dentst in Oakland?

All our Custome Spanish Jingles and Audio Logos are exclusive, one of a kind.
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Radio Jingles Samples


Dentists Jingles Medley

Dr. Chic Chong Christmas


Car Dealer Jingles Medley

Dodge/Nissan de Vacaville


Debt Reduction Jingles Medley

Excel Debt Relief Testimonial


Lawyer Jingles Medley

Otis Landerholm Bancarrota