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Custom Audio Logos

A growing number of companies successfully identify their brands on radio, TV and Social Media with a 4 to 7 second distinctly unique musical signature. These cost-effective "mini jingles" are called "Audio Logos". You have probably heard"We are Farmers, pom poróm pom pom pom pom", or "Liberty, Liberty", "Ace Hardware", "My Pillow", "Cellino and Barnes 800.8 million", "Empire 800 number", "River Rock Casino", etc.
Here are some of the successful audio logos we created:


River Rock Casino
Capitol Expressway Ford
Al Despertar
Toyota of Vallejo
Cuzcatlán Travel
Javier Arana
Carlos Demarty
Tortillas El Aguila
Audio logo (Spanish)
Tortillas El Aguila
Audio logo (English)
The Tamale Factory
Los Portales
Tu Vision TV
Honda Redwood City

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